The new track from Saskatoon’s Denise Valle explores the search for new love and experiences.


The first thing that I noticed about “Lesser Love” is the true beauty expressed throughout the song whether it be through the vocals of the instrumentation. The production of this track is so full of life as it builds and crashes at the right moments delivering pure bliss during the epic moments in the song. I think that the decision for a slow build to start out the song worked perfectly as it extended the impact of the song to encompass a much larger wave of emotions.

It goes without saying that Denise’s vocals on this track are anything less than perfect as she accentuates the right moments while delivering here powerful message about self-love in finding new love. The message of not settling for a “lesser love” than what you feel you deserve your self is so strong and applicable to life on so many levels. There is such empowerment in knowing your worth and what you deserve from those you choose to surround yourself with and it is also a wonderful expression of confidence and self-esteem. “Lesser Love” arrived at the perfect time as spring blossoms and so do new experiences, relationships, and challenges. Always exciting to hear something new from the extremely talented Denise Valle.