Berklee College of Music student Javier releases his debut single “Technicolor Dreams”.


Javier is a new artist hailing from Stoughton, MA that is using his education from the Berklee College of Music and his skills on the guitar to enhance his music to heights not usually reached at this stage in an artists career. The double single “Technicolor Dreams” features two tracks, one being an intro that leads into the title-track itself. “Overture” sets up the moody landscape for the single with elements that remind me of records from classic movie love scenes. It transitions so smoothly into the next song following the same progression before Javier blesses us with his warm and comforting vocals. “Technicolor Dreams” starts off serenading the ears while delivering a vibe reminiscent of Soul greats like Daniel Caesar and John Mayer. Javier tickles the guitar throughout the track before reaching the highly enjoyable solo before reaching the final chorus. The hook features wonderful harmonic “ooohs” that compliment the song perfectly. Javier divulges that his dreams are teasing him and pulling him away from the reality that he is wishing would be different. His dreams seem to stay that way and appear to look better than the life he is leading causing him to want to break away from that state and go after what he desires.