Listen to the new single “Air” from SK based dreampop artist ygretz exclusively here.


“Air” is a blend of freshness and curiosity that pushes a healthy amount of obscurity while maintaining a comfortable place for the listener to rest easy. From ygretz’ soft harmonies to the bright but subtle strums of a wavy guitar. The production in this track draws from outside of the box uses of synths and bass to create a well layered song with numerous moments to cherish almost as if they are pleasant little Easter eggs placed there for us to discover. Ygretz’ use of a computer generated voice for out of left field and almost awkward ad-libs is refreshing and instantly pulls me back into the track if playing in the background. In a world where our generation’s attention span is limited, little expressions like this are extremely successful when placed within an already great song to begin with. “Air” is exactly what it is, a long deep breath signaling something new and interesting that is so oddly satisfying but beautiful at the same time. The single is set to release on streaming platforms a week from today with more exciting releases to follow in the coming weeks.