The new duo consisting of underground artist Smrtdeath and producer Y2K release their first single titled “Save My Life”


Ballroom is a new venture brought to us by the talented artist Smrtdeath and the skilled producer Y2K. While both of these musician’s have had a different journey on their rise to popularity over the last few years, their decision to create something together is fitting and the result is something to definitely watch for. Smrtdeath, who recently released his album We’ll Be Alright shows off a different side to his musical persona as he delivers some somber vocals over a melancholic instrumental. Typically we are used to hearing his voice be a little more on the grunge side as he performs his alternative hip-hop tracks that draw on sounds from the pop-punk era of the mid-00’s. This time he draws upon inspirations like Bright Eyes or Death Cab when performing the acoustic track “Save My Life”.

Y2K over the years has worked as a producer for a variety of artists, working closely with Lil Aaron on a handful of projects. This track gives off the impression that it is being performed by a full band when it is actually entirely produced by Y2K. The instrumentation flows very nicely together and setting up a moody backdrop for Smrtdeath’s crooning vocals. The track’s artwork shows an expansive field that could attribute to the call for help laying within the lyrics of the song, almost as if there is no one around to hear the plea. With a solid single to start their run, Ballroom looks to be a promising undertaking for the two artists and could bring about a new wave of indie rock, reminiscent of those bands that we all sang along to around ten years ago.