Samurai Champs pour their hearts out just in time for Valentine’s Day loving with their new single “Bae”.


Arguably one of my favourite songs from the duo, “Bae” is an honest portrayal of the sensitive hearts that lie within the artists. The song features a soft but playful melody that works double time as a compassionate serenade as well as a song the whole crowd can get into during a live performance. Jeah succeeds at capturing the essence of the track with his smooth vocals that are sure to make anyone swoon by channeling the energy of the hip-hop/r&b artists of the early 2000’s while Merv xx Gotti delivers those powerful moments near the end of the track when a little more emphasis is required. This song is a refreshing moment from the duo as we see more of a blend of the two artists as opposed to a designated section for each we witness a more fluid track with little differentiating the two. The production is crisp and light and carried wonderfully by the bass line, especially during live performances. “Bae” is wonderful and it might be in your best interest to start learning it on the guitar in time to treat your special someone with a mini concert on Valentine’s Day.