The dynamic dance duo return with a brand new song for the world to jam too!


The talented artists that make-up VBRTR are no strangers to creating amazing soundscapes that have one major motive, to get you to sing and dance. When the smooth vocals meld with the colourful production in “Moment Last” we get a high tempo track that instantly tugs on the heart to start beating. The song itself goes through multiple beat accent switches that perfectly emphasize each moment in the track. I personally love the artwork done by Kenna Plume, it really adds an 80’s Miami vibe to the song. This song really feels like one of those tracks that you could throw on repeat and have a bomb dance party for two (or more! or solo!) all night! The lyrics from the track paint the classic picture of two finding a moment together among the hustle and bustle of the world to just enjoy their time and let time stand still for just a second. Another beautiful track from VBRTR!