Following the success of the Vanilla Blue EP released mid-2018, Alex Bent worked on releasing these very personal tracks in anticipation of his next project, Baby.


It has been 9 months since I had the pleasure of talking with Alex and his DJ, Mr. Rager for the first time along with seeing them perform live that same weekend for the first time. There were a lot of factors that came into play in this meeting actually taking place and at times I feel lucky that this had happened because of the great relationships that came out of it. Not to mention that we got to see the raw talent of Alex as an artist in full as he delivered one of the best live shows I had been to. There were also factors that almost put a hold on these relationships that kind of center around the first track of this two-song EP. It’s all really kind of surreal how it has ended up playing out so far. Knowing the artist gives you an inside look at the art that is created and put out there for the world to take in at their own perspective. As was stated by Alex on his Twitter shortly after the EP was released, he was apprehensive to releasing “New Drums” as it carries a lot of personal details and emotions that can be difficult to share with people, let alone strangers on the internet.

The songs themselves are full of life. I would definitely attribute that to the amount of emotion that Alex Bent put into each track, they almost glow in a way. The instrumentation in “New Drums” at times feels like new life being pushed through the ears and into the soul while the lyrics give a sense of the pain and confusion that the artist was going through. It really is one of those perfect songs. The energy is powerful and the art has substance all while being enjoyable to listen too and sing along with. “New Drums” is an expression of loss and emptiness and the mental spiral that comes along with that where “New Friends” is a track of reflection and introspection. There is a different energy that comes through in that song that maybe could be explained as a growth period for the artist, coming out of it with different perspectives and motives. Both songs are extremely catchy and could serve as a huge boost towards the upcoming project from the artist titled Baby. 2 New Songs is an open book straight from the heart of the artist as he bares all of his emotions in the two tracks. At times art like this will come along and make you reflect on your own feelings of life and maybe some will realize that they too need new drums.