The wavey duo from Prince Albert continues to produce quality tracks one after another. Listen to their new song, “Mirage”.


Following a flurry of high-traffic songs like “Melatonin” and “Bad Behavior”, Landspeed follows up with a quick track filled with clever wordplay and a catchy flow on “Mirage”. The lyrical duo has proven their versatillity throughout a variety of their recent songs, playing with speeds and cadences that have a special quality to them that makes them stand out to those looking for new music. Their aesthetic is definitely worth mentioning as they release tracks with visuals that feature street cars from the 90’s as well as clips from obsucre anime shows. They have easily transitioned into internet underdogs as they continue to push their sound along with their trendy but fitting imagery. Produced by schultz9k! & riqbeats, the track is definitely an ear-worm as it features a recognizeable sample and modern trap-based percussion. “Mirage” is another example of the pure potential that these two carry being Canadian rappers from the small city of Prince Albert.