The alt-pop artist from L.A. releases a short film titled Memory Is Software that features the singles “Napster” and “Bull Fighter”.


After generating a decent amount of buzz from the single “Bull Fighter” that was released around 8 months ago and featured on a multitude of blogs as well as other music promotion platforms, Jean Dawson finally followed up with a masterpiece of a video to highlight his new single. Memory Is Software is actually two videos for two different songs, the newly released “Napster” that exudes a dark-pop aura akin to the legendary new-wave band Joy Division and his previously mentioned single “Bull Fighter” that shows off the sheer talent of the artist in his ability to create a living track that flows perfectly from moment to moment. Jean Dawson was the creative director of the video that displayed his artistic vision in its emotionally transparent beauty as he transitions from scene to scene appearing lost and alone. The confrontational energy put forth in the track ‘Bull Fighter” creates a contradicting image as the wonderful instrumentation battles with the aggressive lyrics to create a story of power and strength. Memory Is Software is an eye-opening video that truly highlights the potential of this Jean Dawson as he heads towards the release of his forthcoming album Bad Sports. I am looking forward to seeing more of this artist as he pushes forward in his career with a refreshing amount of anticipation for whatever he puts out there for the world to take in next.