Broc $teezy pushes the level to new heights with aggression and intensity on his new EP, MAKEYOURSELFHARDTOKILL.


I’ve been fortunate to see Broc $teezy’s transition over the last couple of years into his own lane and solidify himself as one of the next big things to come from the prairies. His heavily abrasive music give listeners the feeling that they are experiencing a resurgence of metal-like music while maintaining the relevance of modern hip-hop production. Drawing inspiration from artists like Zillakami or the troublesome XXXTentacion, Broc is able to find his own sound and continue to deliver with new and more fine-tuned music as he progresses on. This EP is a quality example of his matured sound and his pure dedication to the art.

The project consists of five gut-wrenching tracks that are sure to get your blood flowing and the 83HADES feature throws a bit of different seasoning into the mix, highlighting the versatility of the artists. From front to back, there is not a slow moment and Broc $teezy’s braggadocious persona comes through at full temp to prove to you that this isn’t a game to him. His ability to find unique cadences that fit what would be difficult production for others to work with is top tier and this really shows in “BIPOLAR” and “END OF DAYS”. The production throughout the project doesn’t miss as each track has its shining moments, especially in the Turkeybird produced “DIE ALONE”.

Overall this is a great EP from the artist and it really does highlight Broc $teezy’s ability to produce quality song after quality song with minimal time in between most releases. His hustle doesn’t go unnoticed and I truly believe that he will outgrow the prairies and make moves in the industry. Check out the visuals for “DIE ALONE” below and run up them numbers on SoundCloud!