“Thought Bubbles” with MyCompiledThoughts

I had a chance to ask Boston-based R&B artist, MyCompiledThoughts about his latest collection of tracks in his “Thought Bubbles” series.


MyCompiledThoughts has a unique quality to his art and his talent is not something to be dismissed. With these six tracks, he displays a large variety of sound and ideas that work to unfold an opportunity to experience each track on its own as a different version of MCT. The production for all of these tracks was handled by the artist himself which allows him to have full creative control on the direction of each song as well as perfect the emotion that he is trying to convey without anything falling short.

In “Exhausted” the listener is provided with a monologue describing a part of the idea behind the project. Thoughts brings up the idea that when we are exhausted we may find us in a place where nothing exists but our thoughts, and he welcomes you to experience his. The second track features another Boston native that goes by the name Arkh Zeus who delivers an introspective verse about battling thoughts of suicide and dealing with feelings of confusion when it comes to love. As we get into the third track we have already experienced three different styles of MyCompiledThoughts’ and “Just A Vixen” has a strong song structure with a fun hook. The song deals with continuing a relationship with someone where the other is there as a distraction from the issues of the outside world but not necessarily one that you want to tackle them head on with.

“Mesmerized” is a smooth transitioning song from the soft melodic verse to the more strong rap verse with the second verse being more confrontational. The production in “Fallen Angel” centers around a colourful instrumental from a dreamy guitar riff and a playful bass line that gives the opportunity for a variety of melodies and sounds. This is one of the more experimental tracks in the project and it has such a loud personality and is thoroughly enjoyable in that sense. The final track comes in heavy with a more traditional soul based beat that gets chopped up and slowed down that eventually comes in so full of funk you can’t help but groove along with it.

The “Thought Bubble” series is a wonderful look into MCT’s limitless skill at creating individual songs with their own personality from the ground up. Following this is a short interview that I conducted with the artist and I am super pleased with the inside look that I got into his art. If you haven’t already please check him out, give him a follow, and keep your eyes open for anything new coming to us soon.


There's a lot of references to past lovers, current lovers, and the struggles of love in your songs. Would you consider yourself to be a romantic?

I definitely would consider myself romantic. The idea of love and romance really sparks a different bubble inside of my spirit.

I've noticed in your production that you bounce back and forth from more traditional soul type production and colorful modern indie/pop instrumentals. Obviously, Mac DeMarco plays a part in your inspiration, but I was wondering what your other influences would be?

In general the biggest thing that influences me when it comes to music is color. I find that with soul music the color really comes from the vocal production, how gritty and open it is. Indie/ pop the color comes from the grittiness of the instrumental. It’s a weird balance that I really want to conquer in future projects. In the meantime, I genuinely listen to a lot of “HomeShake” “Bedroom” anything with a vibe gets a listen and a response from me.

How did the idea for the “Thought Bubbles” series come about?

The Thought bubble series was my attempt at making a consistent living body of work. I wanted the listener to sort of take a walk down memory lane with me and just follow the journey of an artist whose struggling to learn about himself and love.

The artworks for the songs included in this project are pretty cool. Did you create those as well?

I started off doing the cover arts myself until I realized that my vision could ultimately be taken higher with the help of a few of my friends. I had @mariks418 completely annihilate the cover art for “Mesmerized”, and on top of that I had @champagnelazare create the cover art of “Ex Of Mine”.

I consider your style of r&b/soul to be pretty unique and I believe that it might be because you handle your own production. What else do you think separates you from other artists in these genres.

I agree with the idea that my production really does differentiate me from other artists in the RnB field, but I think the biggest thing that separates me is that I really don’t give my words the biggest priority in my pieces. I find that music doesn’t really need any words because at the end of the day music is sound, so I focus a lot of my efforts on making the pieces feel fluid when the song calls for it and rigid when it needs to be.

Over the last couple of years I've noticed that Boston is starting to become a hub of unique artists that seem to be ready to pop at any moment. Who in the Boston area do you think people should be paying attention to?

There are so many phenomenal artists that are literally creating amazing pieces of work.

Luke Bar$” whose wordplay and storytelling in my opinion have propelled him forward to be able to connect with the audience in a way most artists in the city can't.

We also have “Felix” who completely embraces the idea that rap doesn’t have to be hard hitting kicks and snares, and whose fluid style makes for a crazy vibrance in his pieces.

Stefan” whose style is literally so smooth you’d think he edged his lyrics with vaseline.

Notebook P” whose soul escapes every metaphor in his song. His recent project is so full of life it makes me happy.

Arkh Zeus” whose wordplay carries his songs. Crazy thing is, he literally writes his lyrics in his head, which is crazy to me.

$ean Wire” his sound is literally so similar to mine I consider him my soul brother. From his production to emotion he is so good at putting his life and thoughts on a piece.

Clyde Blvck” literally knows how to put together the work. He jumps from a crazy ass bar about staying home then singing a falsetto about how much he cares about a girl.

LeoTheKind” performing mad a synth literally talk. Do I even need to talk about how care free his music feels. It’s like strolling through a cloud.

Lance Jackson” who isn’t afraid of house. He goes in on vibrant sounding instrumentals. Need I say more!?

Chase Murphy and Danny Diamond” they are the golden boys of Boston literally listening to a record of theirs will have you bouncing and smiling until they hit you with hard hitting bars that will have you wondering why the world hasnt seen them yet.

There are literally so many Artist I can name from the top of my head I just can’t write anymore.

Can you give us a look into what you have upcoming for the year ahead?

This year I really want to capitalize off of my ability to merge soul and indie. These next few records I’m throwing into the world as a way to paint a better picture of the growth that’s happening sonically. With the solidifying of my team I can’t wait to build something that’s gonna last. I get to work with a producer whose work already has the world shaking.

Last question, favourite artist of 2018 and why?

If you aren’t familiar with Pink Sweat$, this is your chance. That guy literally made the album that’s been making waves. Very few artist can create a piece where the drums aren’t what carries the record. So shoutout to him maybe in the next few months i’ll get a chance to work with him. You never know.