Future-dance specialists VBRTR team up with local hip-hop duo The WrongKrowd to release a 3-track EP destined to get you moving.


VBRTR and The WrongKrowd have been a continuous source of quality music that I have enjoyed listening to as well as writing about. Both duos are a pleasure to work with and know personally. This EP is a manifestation of what both artists have in common when it comes to music; a fun vibe that is meant to make you move mixed with the unique production style and wonderful vocals of VBRTR and the different technical flows when the rapping starts.

The opening track “Wyd” starts off with a playful dialogue between Mikey and Eli from TWK about their ideas for unconventional superpowers. The intro transitions very well into this fun-first song about going crazy over a girl but not being able to put your finger on why. The song features two very well sung verses from Lee as well as an awesome verse from the typically quieter Jono. His verse felt Chance the Rapper inspired and I thought it was a perfect fit. “Will Ya” is the next song from the EP that continues the upbeat mood with colourful production and a catchy as hell hook. Mikey fills out the verses with his unique style and impressive songwriting. His ability to switch up his cadences multiple times in each verse is something that always needs to be mentioned. They did well to make the song sound like a confession of love and commitment while still keeping it light and groovy. The last song on the EP has been on this blog before when it was featured on The WrongKrowd’s No Rules EP. “Break It Down (Remix)” is essentially the same song with some VBRTR love backing up the incredible verses from both Eli and Mikey. If anything, it is a proper closing track to a JAM-packed EP.

The WrongKrowd x VBRTR EP is something that I didn’t know I wanted until I heard it. This group of artists have the right feel and sound to their music on their own that work well when put together. VBRTR’s execution on the production side of things landed perfectly and succeeded at carrying a playful vibe from start to finish. All of the vocalists/MCs nailed their respective parts and helped to make this project enjoyable to the ears as well as memorable to the brain.