Featured on his latest project WonderLust MyCompiledThoughts turns the track into a memorial video highlighting the excitement of being an artist and all the people you meet.


In the Daymian Mejia directed video for "Before", we see a collection of clips that Thought's felt necessary to share with his followers. As the compilation flips through at a fast pace, we see a lot of the same moments; people enjoying each others company, interesting locations in the city, as well as a purely positive vibe throughout.

In the blurry haze that we experience as we move through our lives it is important to look back and cherish the memories spent with those we care about and share the happiness that is created from these moments with those around you currently. There is too much opportunity to distance yourself from someone close to you, it seems easy at times to be on your own and to not have to worry about what others are going through, however I believe that this video shows proof that in these candid moments we see true happiness, caused by others. Not fake happiness that you tend to create for yourself.It is in these moments that you will build upon the foundations of who you are and become a better person for yourself and those you love. I believe that MyCompiledThoughts and Daymian really captured this idea and displayed it well. Check out the video for "Before" below.

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