MyCompiledThoughts opens our eyes to the pain that is around us with his new track "Watching".


When it comes to the complexity of love and the drive to find it, there is one artist who has rooted his sound in the constant pursuit of finding deeper meaning when it comes to love, and that artist is Boston's own, MyCompiledThoughts. In his new track "Watching", Thoughts explores the ideas of wasting away and watching it happen to your self. There is a lot of moments in our lives where we feel like everything is against us but there is always one shining light that can drive you from the depths up to the skies and that light is pure love. Love for one another, love for your partner, love for your family, and love for yourself. Once you have solved the concept of "how to love" you will see that your pain and misery will wash away. I believe that this is what Thoughts is touching on here. This track is put together in a beautiful way that ends up contradicting the difficult theme that the song is built upon. The song closes up with a little message from Thoughts himself, about seeing pain all around him and being devoted to music when sometimes it doesn't bring the happiest of thoughts.