‘Sauga fast-rapper Gee releases a colourful EP filled with a variety of hip-hop styles.


Gee is an extremely talented lyricist, producer, rapper, etc. based out of Toronto (Mississauga, specifically) that has powerful music aimed to make you think and feel unlike you would with other music. His talent as an MC stands out among other rappers of his generation or area. As you will see over this short EP, Gee has a gift at being able to throw a variety of cadences, hooks, melodies, and beats all in one song, definitely proving that he is something special. The Avatar is an EP where Gee gets to show off those talents and harness every elementand use it to his advantage, just like he does in his music

A project like this deserves no less of an intro that Gee provides on “Earth”. In this song Gee flexes his sheer talent with switches in cadence, lyrical skill, and his ability to match the energy that the production was bringing to the table. Gee introduces himself as the Avatar (obviously in reference to The Last Airbender), a master of elements, and indirectly, a master of hip-hop. Gee turns that energy down a notch immediately as we step into “Fire”, bearing a smooth flow overtop of chill production akin to the songs you would find on those lo-fi hip-hop studying playlists on Spotify. The 175 Crew sample makes for a very fitting hook and jives well with the rest of the song. In this track He aims to display his lyrics right up front for our scrutiny, however, there is little to criticize as the song is written extremely well. One of the best arts in hip-hop is the ability to brag about skill in song, while completely backing it all up in the next line. In “Water” we catch the versatility of Gee as this song is pretty much an R&B track for the first half. The transition into the second verse flows nicely as Gee gets into him being a compassionate lover and that his other half is what keeps him afloat. Take notice of all of the clever water references and wordplay. “Air” closes off this lucious album as a proper send off where Gee expresses his love for his girl and for his career. The cadence switch in the second verse is fire and really spices up the song. In this verse Gee devotes himself to his craft as he tells us his goals and struggles. It is clear that he is extremely ambitous and is working hard so that those he loves don’t have to.

Without a doubt, Gee possesses a lot of skill, akin to the great concious rappers of the current generation. The Avatar EP is fantastic and acts as a strong baseline of Gee’s talent (as a rapper as well as a producer), as he could easily excel and produce an even larger result on his next project. This EP shouldn’t go without listening to, especially for any MC to learn from or hip-hop fan in general. Gee really is commited to this game and he will never fail at proving that to you.