Broc $teezy teamed up with Toronto-based vocalist/producer Na$tii to bring us this high energy EP.


Bay of Pigs is the new wild collaboration project from our good friend Broc $teezy and underground hip-hop vocalist and producer Na$tii. The EP itself is littered with features from the likes of Lepro$y, Funerals, Fl.vco, Zed Miller, and HXNJV all talented vocalists that bring their own flavour to each track. With the whole project being produced by Na$tii you will find a common level of urgency throughout as well as a super unique sound that compliments Broc's cadence perfectly. The two songs "Bloody Racks" and "Extendo Clip" that take up the mid-section of the project are the two stars of the EP. Na$tii takes the very similar beat from these two tracks and alters them in a way that makes them flow nicely together while still accomplishing distinction between the tracks as well as a different vibe.


When we get into Broc's vocals as well as others throughout the EP we find that these artists have found a sound that they are very comfortable with expressing. Broc's abrasive vocals add just the right amount of "umph" that each track deserves. Broc's delivery in the three middle tracks is strong and full of emphasis, the flow change in "Extendo Clip" is tight, and it is in these three songs where we get the clearest example of his presence in full. The opening track "Shoot First" is a banger for sure but I find at times the beat overtakes the presence of the talented artists that make up that track. Overall, Na$tii and Broc have definitely shown that together they make a pretty formidable duo, with their styles lining up perfectly together as well as delivering high-quality content. Bay of Pigs is a great EP and a good jumping point for both of these artists as they pool their respective fanbases and gear up for future releases. 


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