Winnipeg's own 4-piece hip-hop group The Lytics debut a new song and video titled "Glow".


The talented boom-bap style hip-hop group, The Lytics, have been at the forefront of Winnipeg's hip-hop scene in recent years and received a WCMA for best hip-hop/rap group in the fall of last year. In preparation for an up-and-coming Europe tour as well as a new album release, The Lytics went to Toronto to shoot this dope video for their new track "Glow". A self-image conscious song that brings positive energy to the listener with motivational lyrics and a beautiful chorus from Joshua Youngson and Cisha. The first verse opens up with such an important question, "do you vibrate like we do?", asking the listener to really think about what they are doing to make sure that they are happy in life. The song really aims to inspire and promote positivity in one's life as well as understanding the everyday problems that we all face and encouraging the listener to look past those issues and strive for higher meaning. The video itself was shot by Avery Stedman, a regular when it comes to other Winnipeg artists like previously featured on our blog, SMRTDEATH. The use of light bulbs in some of the shots plays into the title of the track as well as serving a deeper meaning, when dim, can represent the low moments in our lives and vice-versa. "Glow" is a message to all of us, to really step back and make sure our heart is in the right place and that we move forwards after difficult times and not be so weak to the dim moments that surround our globe.



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