Gearing up for the release of their last project as a group this Friday, WEARELABRATS drop us a track for us to get hyped to.


Saskatoon hip-hop group WEARELABRATS have made quite the impression on Saskatoon's local hip-hop scene. Their first project CTRL+ALT+DEL that was released back in 2016 solidified them as a talented group that had loads of potential. Fast forward two years, on the cusp of releasing a new project, they broke the news that they would no longer be creating music together. Indefinitely? Maybe. I'm positive that even they are unsure. But, thanks to their hard work, they were able to leave off with a whole new project aptly titled It's Been a Slice. "Knew That" is the first track that we are hearing off of the project that gets released this Friday. It features a talented vocalist from the U.S. that goes by the name Eddie Soul. The track starts off with a killer hook from Eddie that brings big energy and is the perfect earworm to get some replayability. When it comes to the two verses from Bluesy B and AyyBe we get what we expect out of the two lyrically talented artists and that is some well thought out bars, clean and versatile flows, and a lot of relatability. The production from producer DKXL is tight and creates just the right amount of grandness to create the energy needed to back up Eddie's loud hook and transitions well into a more relaxed state so that we get a good earful of the two MCs great lyrics. Overall the track bangs and it will be amazing to hear live so all my Saskatoon peeps head on down to the Underground Cafe this Friday for WEARELABRATS' final show/album release party. Details on the poster below. Good luck to all the members of WEARELABRATS in whatever direction they choose to head in.



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