Manitoba-based hip-hop/r&b artist, SS Benny, delivers a confrontational track about loyalty.


SS Benny is a talented young artist that we had the pleasure of meeting with and shooting a small video for his track "Blame". Since then we have continued being fans of his work and even more so with his latest releases. "Inside" shows us a more developed sound from SS Benny. This being the second track released on his SoundCloud that is produced by Hotel Rooms. The production does well to create an almost confrontational vibe with the darker elements like the strings and choir vocals that lay in the back of the track. This bodes well for SS Benny as it takes the abrasive edge needed to confront someone off of his shoulders and allows him to sing in a more sincere tone throughout most of the track. When the drums pick up halfway through the track, Benny breaks into a more aggressive and quicker flow to ride along with the beat. It's at this point where the real emotion comes through as Benny puts whoever he is speaking about on blast, stating that this person is flaky and always has an underlying motive in the way they do things. Benny tells that person that it's not always as nice as it seems on the other side of the fence, even though the grass may be greener, you may find yourself wanting to hop back over for the freedom that you once had. Check out the track below, and give SS Benny a follow.