NEW TRACK | VBND - "SMOKE" FT. Katie Tupper

Saskatoon's king of the keys VBND teams up with vocalist Katie Tupper to deliver a new sound, new direction.


"Smoke" sounds like it's meant too. One moment you find yourself getting lost in the haze of the production only to have it dissipate right as you reach out to grab it. The production leads you one way with the smooth jazz bass riffs, while the vocals take you to a different plane. Our last discussion with vbnd included the idea that he wanted more soul in his music, "Fake Hotel", being the last track released until this one, gave us a taste of the new direction vbnd was heading while still holding on to some of his expected traits. "Smoke", on the other hand, dives right in. The teamwork on this track is immeasureable, every element compliments the other and Katie's vocals are pure and full of life. Vbnd has an ear for talent and excells at putting a track together that doesn't have moments that feel out of place, "Smoke", is definitely void of those. This song is truly amazing, and if this is the route vbnd is heading... I'm in.


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