Tide is LOA’s debut EP that introduces her as a talented vocalist with a dark r&b vibe.


LOA is truly a great artist to experience live, know personally, and listen to in general. She has a unique quality to her music that I don’t hear anywhere else in my music browsing journeys and the space that she creates with her sound is deep and dark and thought-provoking. Tide was released earlier this year but still succeeds at being a very enjoyable listen. This review is overdue on our blog here but if anyone deserves any praise for the talent in their art it is definitely LOA.

LOA knows how to command an audience with her voice and “Phantom” tends to be the song to draw them in. One thing that will stay consistent throughout these songs is the grandness of the production that compliments LOA’s vocals magnificently. “Phantom” is full of sound that aims to create a sort of dissonence kind of like a spectral being. “Deeper” continues the wall of sound as we move to a s ong that to me seems to be about embracing inner beauty and expressing it in a variety of ways. Speaking deeper, with more thought and conciousness; moving with colour, making every step you take more extravagant than the last as you fill a room; and to touch with lightning, send shivers down ones spine as you truly express the grandness of your prescenece and strength. The wordless chorus in this song is very powerful and can at times be a little trance inducing with the drawn out humming and la-las. This next song is a short but sweet one that aims to express the vulnerability of love and knowing what the heart wants. In “Heartline”, LOA shows off some high pitched vocals that add a punch to the message that is being conveyed. “Funeral” is the hit single off of this project, previously being featured on Exclaim! and rightly so. LOA’s writing on this track stands out as an odd comparison between a funeral and a rebirth in character. She inviteds many to witness this spectacle as she transforms into a strange new being as opposed to the one they are used to seeing. The track is made to sound large, spiritual, and powerful with loud backing vocals in the chorus and the build up before each chorus crashing like a wave. LOA closes off the EP with a song called “Rings”. In “Rings”, LOA connects a failed relationship, that used to glow bright to some abandoned pieces of jewelery that is starting to lose it’s lustre. I believe this speaks to missed opportunities or time wasted when experiencing a new partner where it shouldn’t have been. The saying “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone” rings true in thus scenario and the rings serve as a constant reminder of what was.

This EP is quite the accomplishment for the Trifecta artist as lots of emotion flows through each and every song and deliver powerful messages all the while being enjoyable to listen too. LOA has an ear for being able to listen and feel a vibe out as she is working on her music to create the perfect backdrop for each song through her writing. If you haven’t, definitely check her music out and go give the song “Cheap Thrill” a listen to as well, it doesn’t fit well with the rest of these songs but it does have a catchy beat that I’m sure lots of people would enjoy.