NEW RECORD | The Switching Yard - Johnny Hash 7"

Local acid rockers The Switching Yard gear up for a double record release party this May 12th at Amigos.


The Switching Yard is a talented local band frequenting venues like Amigos and Black Cat (Vangellis) and they don't play folk-rock! What are the chances? The band consists of a couple members from the critically acclaimed Saskatoon export Shooting Guns as well as some faces that belonged to the past version of the band. Lead vocalist Brennan aims for a droned-out sound that sits somewhere between singing and outright screaming. On "Piss Sabotage" you'll notice a hell of a scream coming from the depths after all of the heavily distorted vocals and before an insane breakdown from the band. With three guitarists, a bassist, and a talented drummer you are in for a wall of sound whenever you catch these guys live. The 7" itself will be availble for purchase at the show on May 12th at Amigos (poster below) as well as a rereleased vinyl of their latest LP Yet Again. Also, catch us Saturday evening as we dive into the messed up brains of two of the members from the band on our Pass The Aux live series on Facebook while drinking and listening to (probably) Black Sabbath or Motorhead or something like that. I'll probably get shit for calling them "acid rockers" but I don't care, listen below and decide for yourself.



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