NEW TRACK | mileshigh - "Delilah"

Regina based mileshigh reaches into the dark to pull out a tight goth-rap joint.


"Delilah" has all of the emotions that go along with a pop-punk based beat circa 2006 when Myspace was all the rage. Mileshigh pays homage to the classic "Hey There, Delilah", a song about a girl miles away that you want to be with. In "Delilah", the same narrative is at the core of the song but mileshigh know's he can't fall for this girl cause she broke his heart by running away. With "Delilah", mileshigh joins in on the growing soundwave that I couldn't be more excited for. Produced by CRCL out of Dublin this track is energetic and performed exceptionally well by mileshigh. Check out social media links below to give some follows.


IG: @mlshgh
TW: @mileshighart