NEW EP | The WrongKrowd - No Rules EP

The WrongKrowd releases their first EP including tracks that they have been perfecting over the last few years.


Saskatoon-based hip-hop duo, The WrongKrowd have established a very distinct sound when it comes to the YXE hip-hop scene that has seen fruition over the last few years. Known for their lyrical prowess and off-the-wall flows it is safe to say that people have been looking forward to some recorded work from these two. Well, No Rules is finally here and it is amazing. Expect a full review of this project later this month! Huge shout out to these Mikey and Eli for crushing this ish.


Check out our new live series Pass The Aux featuring The WrongKrowd and get at us if you want to jump on an episode of your own!

P.S. - some unreleased TWK in here!


IG: @thewrongkrowd
FB: @thewrongkrowd