The WrongKrowd delivered a quality EP with No Rules, filled with unique cadences, classic hip-hop production, and tonnes of style.



1. Sacred Languages
2. Ungrateful Love
3. Invincible

4. Lemonade
5. Break It Down

The WrongKrowd has established a decent following in Saskatoon thanks to Trifecta, their friends/family, and their raw talent. Mikey and Eli continue to impress all of their peers whenever they get on the mic. Eli with his technical and lyrical prowess and Mikey with his unique flow and style, together they accomplish a refreshing sound with their music. No Rules  EP is The WrongKrowd's debut EP and it showcases some of their work from the past few years as well as some new stuff to change it up! 

The opening track "Sacred Languages" breaks open the EP with a message about the power of words and how they can cut deep. Eli's verse preaches about keeping a positive mindset and avoiding being a judgemental human. In today's world people are quick to be offended and I am not saying that this is a fault of our generation, I just believe that we are beginning to reach a better understanding of our peers and open-mindedness is one of the most attractive traits in humans at the moment. I believe that this is the message that The WrongKrowd is trying to convey, more love, less hate, why ride the line of what could be offensive when being positive is a much greater asset. "Ungrateful Love" comes in hot with a complex verse from Mikey with many changes in flow over-top a simple but effective beat in producing a somewhat confrontational vibe. This track consists of what I think are the two best verses in the whole project from these two, filled with lots of wordplay and metaphors The WrongKrowd really struts their stuff here. From here the album picks up into more light-hearted territory with "Invincible". The track boasts a catchy hook and fun verses from both artists, some really quick cadences from Eli and the harmonies throughout are on point. "Lemonade" brings the mellow back and continues the impressive display of lyricism from both artists. Set over top modest production that only elevates The WrongKrowd's ability to use their voices as part of the music themselves. One thing is for sure that these two have the know-how to mix their vocal tones with the type of production they are spitting on. "Break It Down" closes off the EP with an unexpected dance-hop track meant to get the party bumping. Again, these two show off their versatility with constant switches in cadence and adding the proper inflections on specific words in their respective verses. This track stands out as being the most upbeat and really it came out of left field for me but I have to say that these two rock it better than I think anyone could.

This EP is a testament to the raw talent and style that The WrongKrowd has built their name from. If anything, these two just gave the hip-hop scene proof that they are something special, something to look out for because when it comes to more conscious styles of hip-hop lots of artists lose themselves in the messages they are trying to convey and the song falls on deaf ears. The WrongKrowd are able to maintain a healthy display of lyrical prowess while keeping it highly entertaining and easy for listeners to join in on and really feel what these two have to say. No Rules is the perfect debut EP that gives the listener the exact amount of information needed to get behind this talented duo and start spreading their true words. You'll want to see these guys live, and any hip-hop fan should give this project a try and just let loose and let the music take hold and take you where you are supposed to go.