Regina, SK based R&B singer REVILLA is back with his certified pop banger, "Crossfire." He has written a letter for us talking candidly about the inspiration behind the track.

Listen to the song and read the letter below! 


Dear lovely person reading this weird letter I’m writing,

Let’s talk about you. Maybe you’re single. Maybe you’re in a relationship. Maybe you’re in a relationship that absolutely rocks. 

But maybe you’re in one that fucking sucks.

That last one is what my new song is about. I wrote it for a couple of friends who were going through some relationship problems. Sometimes you get stuck in an awful situation, not by any fault of your own, but because the other person ends up being an asshole to you. 

I know it’s weird, but it can be easy to blame yourself in these situations. Even though “you know” it’s not your fault, you still feel like you’re doing something wrong. Somehow, you end up thinking you deserve to be treated poorly, or that things would be better if you were able to change in some way. It fucking sucks.

Hopefully you have friends and family who lift you out of that hole. I know I’m lucky enough to have the Trifecta fam and my own blood fam to rely on when shit hits the fan. But I’m also well aware a lot of people aren’t fortunate enough to have a support group.
So, I guess this letter is mostly for you if you’re going through some shit relationship-wise and aren’t able to work through it with anyone else. No matter how much guilt or shame you feel over whatever’s happened, remember this:

You are important. You have beauty within you. You have inherent worth.

And I hope this song helps you get through the times where the words don’t matter and you don’t feel that way.

Yours truly,

P.S. Sorry to any of the perpetually single people who read this on Valentine’s. I’ll write a song for you v soon, I promise.



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