SS Benny drops a two track project titled M.O.T.H. for our enjoyment.


One thing that is consistent with SS Benny is the quality of music that he has been releasing over the past year. There have been multiple songs that have impressed all of us at ELEVEN03 and one of them even made it into Spotify’s Northern Bars official playlist, which is a huge deal for any Canadian artist. SS Benny just has that sound, it’s so addiciting right now and many artists are emulating that Toronto vibe so well, but thankfully they each come with their own flair and uniqueness. M.O.T.H. is a cool little project that appropriately ties us over as we anxiously wait for a larger project from Benny.

Each track accomplishes their own objectives, on “What Matters” we get a darker, more cool Benny that flexes some unique flows and impressive lyrics. The production carries that vibe and emphasizes peticular moments without flaws. Although the track is on the shorter side, it shows off a lot of variety in style, something that I think Benny does best. “Pressure” is a little bit louder and in your face, it compliments the first track nicely, almost as if they flow into each other. Benny talks a difficult relationship with someone that contradicts your every move and can add stress to an already stress-filled world.