Smrtdeath drops a video for latest single “Yung Disaster” in anticipation of his upcoming EP We’'ll Be Alright.


Amidst all of the hype for smrtdeath’s next project us avid fans have been blessed with two videos in quick succession recently. The video for “Ice Out My Bones” was released earlier last month followed by this video just last week. In the Mouthsore directed video for “Yung Disaster” we see a struggling smrtdeath moving from band to band while dealing with addictions and problems with label heads getting in the way of the desired path for the artists. The subtitles throughout the video add a layer of lore to the track as well as being humourous and enjoyable. The audioopera produced track features an inclusion of pop-punk style instrumentation working along side more modern hip-hop production. Smrtdeath captures the essence of a rock star throughout the video and the lyrics paint a vivid picture of what its is like being a part of the music industry but not quite fitting in. “Yung Disaster” is an anthem for the underground, a little bit of fuck the industry as well as striving for that rock and roll image and some might say that true art will come from against the grain antics. Check out the video and keep your eyes peeled for the exciting new EP set to release Dec. 14th.