"Want You" - VBRTR ft. Sienna | Q&A Release

Local Future-R&B duo VBRTR teamed up with rising vocalist Sienna to release this catchy as hell single. We sent them a few questions to promote the release. Check it out below!


Lord of the Rings vs. Star Wars?


Jono: LOTR, hands down.

Lee: This is tough! I gotta give it to Star Wars because it’s built more of a culture!

Sienna: Star Wars... just because I used to love that star wars LEGO video game.


What meals do you tend to chow down on when working on music?

Jono: I’m low on calories during studio days, so I will grab a pre-prepped salad and drown it in olive oil. I’ve done the research and, I’m still not 100% if this is even healthy.

Lee: I honestly rarely eat while we are working on music. My stomach grumbles the whole time and talks to Jono haha!

Sienna: If you can chow down on water then water is what I chow down on before during and after recording.


Do you listen and dance to your own songs?


Jono: I think it’s completely unreasonable to expect other people to become fans of your music if you yourself aren’t in love with it. So 100%, yes.

Lee: Absolutely! I first off want to make music for myself. If I don’t like it, it’ll likely never see the light of day.

Sienna: Of course, I’m my own fan. My moon and ascendant are both in Leo.


Have you finished the new season of Black Mirror?


Sienna: Sadly no. I’m behind and finishing the old seasons. Needed to take a mental break after watching White Bear.

Lee: I’m too busy playing FIFA 18 online and making my brain numb when I’m not working on music.

Jono: Is that the season where Eleven dies? Oh… Wrong show?


Coolest place that you would love to perform at?


Jono: Probably the Super Bowl. Or the amphitheater in Greece. Or honestly, anything that’s circular. A crop circle.

Lee: Coachella would be neat. But I’d be happy performing in front of a ground in a grungy warehouse!

Sienna: Performing anywhere would be a pleasure. A room full of love and support.


I know ramen is all the rage right now but I gotta know which place serves the best noodle bowl? And why is it Jasmine on Circle?


Sienna: I’m loyal to Thien Vietnam and Saigon II.

Lee: I used to eat at Jasmine all the time! Brb. Gotta go get a noodle bowl...

Jono: I haven’t gone in years but The Wok used to be my jam.


What program(s) do you use to build your songs?


Jono: Ableton Live. Will use some NI stuff if I wanna get fancy, but can usually do everything I need with Ableton’s stock plugs.

Lee: Obviously GarageBand. Next! (Jk I use Ableton Live!)


What hot, new cellular device are you guys looking forward to possibly owning?


Lee: I hate to admit it but I’m the biggest Apple fanboy ever. I caved and bought the iPhone X.

Jono: I’m rocking the Note 8. I put this slick UAG Monarch case on it, so now my phone is all black with crimson red trim. This thing gives me goosebumps.


Rave DJ nights or Hip-Hop/R&B DJ nights? As a performer and as an attendee?


Hip-hop/R&B DJ nights for sure.

Jono: I owe it to raves for building a lot of my confidence, as a party-goer and as a DJ. Raver kid for life.

Lee: Depends on my mood, to be honest. I started off in the electronic scene and now I’m mainly in the Hip-Hop/R&B scene. I can’t choose. Definitely as a performer and attendee for both though!


How do you go about writing lyrics? Do they just kind of come to you or do you put your mind to an idea and a melody and go from there?


Sienna: Some days I can sit down and write a song from start to finish, and other days I take poems I’ve written and edited them into songs. I also have a drawing board.

Lee: Every song starts differently. It can be a beat we are messing around with and a melody will come out or I could be driving to work and a random melody pops up in my head and I’ll record it!

Jono: If I can start with a clever one-liner, it’s pretty easy to build the rest around that.


I guess we should get to the song. Want You is amazing. I don’t think you guys have made a pop song that I don’t enjoy. What is your secret?


Lee: Well if we told you, it wouldn’t be a secret now would it ;).

Jono: I guess now would be a good time to mention that I’m Batman. But shh, it’s a secret.


With a few singles out, you guys must be gearing up to release a project. What can we expect coming in the next few months?


Jono: Without saying too much, I would say you can expect a storm of new music coming through in 2018 :)

Lee: Ditto haha


All you locals make sure you check out VBRTR's DJ residence at Melody Bar every third Saturday "Gud & Boujee". "Want You" featuring Sienna is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and above! So, if you haven't yet, give it a listen and get up and dance!