Local DJ Tefrondon recently held a release party at Flint for his new zine Living Skies On The Rise. Saskatchewan's new inside look at what is going on, right under their noses.


Many great friends gathered over good drinks and chill music to revel in the marvel that is Ron's new magazine. Living Skies On The Rise isn't just a zine that highlights everything that has gone on in the past year between the underground hip-hop and r&b scene that is taking over Regina and Saskatoon. Luckily our own creations have been spread across the nation and even into other nations as some of our local Trifecta artists jumped the pond over to the UK and beyond. This zine is more than that to all of those involved. Most of the discussion held that night was about fond memories of the year that had past as we flipped through the spectacular magazine that Ron spent many hours curating and collecting images for. It almost seemed as if this was the start of something new, something wonderful that our province could be proud of. Something that might spark a well-needed change in our current community. Below are some images that highlight the evening and be sure to check Tefrondon's site so that you too can marvel in the first year, the first step, and the first zine that is going to highlight what is going on in this city that we love.