Merv xx Gotti "Welcome to Marvin's Room" (MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE)

Merv xx Gotti gets the message across by exposing his thoughts in a dark alley.


Merv xx Gotti isn't sad. He made this song to emphasize that point. "Welcome To Marvin's Room" is the window into his mind that none of us really deserved to see. Gotti displays the scene like this; either he is self-critiquing every move he makes, or he falls back to those he cares about for their guidance and lets loose for a night or two. This track shows that in how he goes back and forth from the introspective verses about his immediate concerns to the happy-go-lucky chorus about kicking back and spending the night with another in his room.

In the second verse we get some fierce emotion when Merv xx Gotti reaches the point where he starts believing that what he is doing is right as long as he has his family with him. It's at this point where you have to realize that it doesn't matter what others think about how you are portraying yourself as long as you have the support that Marvin has. So go on, get wild, follow those dreams, it's not about the money, it's about you and the people you keep close coming up together.


One half of WCMA-nominated hip-hop/R&B duo, DGS Samurai Champs, Merv xx Gotti hails from Saskatchewan’s capital of Regina, better known as the “Queen City”. Produced by Saskatoon-based hip-hop producer, Deadkeys, and mixed and mastered by Chris Dimas of Surf Dads and Grind Central Records, Merv xx Gotti premieres the official music video for his debut single, “Welcome to Marvin’s Room”. “Welcome to Marvin’s Room” is the first single from Merv xx Gotti’s upcoming EP, I’m Not Sad, which is scheduled for release in the fall of this year.