LOA and Jeah take the stage together to get you in the mood to kick off your shoes and drink some boogie ass champagne down by the river.


"Cheap Thrills" bangs down the door as LOA prepares for the release of her anticipated debut album titled, Tide. Right away we get drawn into a loose and care-free track about taking on the world without caring about money for the moment. LOA' s melody and lyrics get a little playful with the production, displaying a sense of just having fun with the vibe. Jeah comes in, clean as always, to add a little late night troublemaker flavour to what is already a flavourful piece. As the final chorus plays out I keep reaching for that replay button because damn, this is a great song, and LOA's vocals give it the extra umph it deserves. Super talented artists on a hell of a beat makes up for my cheap thrill of the night.


LOA is currently preparing for her showcase performances in this year’s Breakout West Festival, being held September 13-17 in Edmonton, AB, leading up to the release of her debut full-length album, Tide.

Jeah (and Merv xx Gotti) are also performing in the same festival under the DGS Samurai Champs duo. Be sure to check out both of the sets from these two artists if you are around!

Posters for both artists are below.


Lyrics and composition by: LOA + Jeah
Music by: Heights Beats
Mixed and Engineered by: Walter Jeworski
Produced by: Walter Jeworski + LOA
Artwork by: Tefrondon