XANA bares all in her debut EP with one goal. To tear down your walls and strike your soul.

XANA EP  available on Apple, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

XANA EP available on Apple, Spotify, and SoundCloud.



4. Paint
5. Masquerade
6. Paralyzed (Bonus)

1. Poison
2. Haunt Me
3. Would Yah?


I had the pleasure of premiering XANA's single "Poison" a couple of months ago and needless to say, I was excited for a complete project to be heading my way in the near future. Now the EP is here and again I get to express my thought's on her work. This project saw a digital release on Apple Music a few days before the official release party in Regina this past Friday. 

XANA's EP is an emotional journey through flavours of electro-pop with some heavy production to add that extra hit to your soul. Her voice will succeed in pulling you into her narrative of each song, making you want more with every line's end. "Poison", as I've discussed before, is an exploration of one's desires to be with someone that isn't good for them. Xana and her producer Jared Robinson nailed "Haunt Me" in trying to create a sound that resembles someone that is struggling through the abscence of someone they adore. This track really displays a late at night emotional break down through the affected vocals and dark synth production. The next track on this EP is quite a bit more upbeat and features hip-hop artist Ursa Maja. "Would Yah?" paints a sexually tense scene between two people as they shift from strangers to the dancefloor and beyond. Ursa's added feature builds on this urbanized pop track.

Xana slows it down again on "Paint", a song that touches on being in a one-sided relationship where Xana allows someone to dump their emotions on to her ("colour me with all your sadness") and to use her as the person they want to see but not on who she actually is. All that she asks is to not be forgotten. This narrative leads into the last track of hiding one's true self behind a charade. "Masquerade" is another lively track showing Xana's idea that her mask covers up a darker side of her so that she is easier to get closer to. This EP comes with a bonus track and I just couldn't pass up saying something about it. I did not expect this at all but I could have sworn I ended up at an Evanescence concert. It plays loud, the chorus hits in all the right ways, and it catches a little bit of that attitude of the great vocalist from the last decade.

This EP brings very introspective themes to light, whether it is wondering why you allow yourself to be treated poorly just to be close with someone, or with having anxiety issues when the person that you care about isn't there or when meeting new possible lovers. Whatever element that these songs hit you on, the vibe is present and it flows. You might not leave the album in the cheeriest of spirits but you can sure use it to find out some things about yourself and to help you get over the struggles of true love, whether it is real or not. I can't decide that, but maybe you can get a clearer image after listening to this great project from local artist XANA.