With the follow up to the popular single "Something Gud", VBRTR returns with a dark and steamy single for this E03 Exclusive.


Saskatoon based, coined "Futuristic R&B", duo VBRTR consists of Jono Cruz and Lee Chan, two hard working members of the Trifecta family that have done the DJ grind in Saskatoon for a while. VBRTR takes inspiration from various artists including Mura Masa, Diplo, and Daniel Caeser to name a few. Stylistically VBRTR wants you to be moving. Their debut single "Something Gud" speaks truth to that with the super catchy hook and driving synths you can't help but feel the vibrations.


With the new single "Tie You Up", VBRTR and LOA flirt with the temptation of being tied up when they are "Doin' it rough". This sultry track spikes curiosity in the listener teamed with an attractive beat to get you into the groove. The vocals performed by both LOA and Lee add a flair of nervous excitement into the experience. Production on this track brings in the perfect amount of energy to excel the song to an eargasm, especially in the last hook where the synth hits louder and the bass hits harder. Love the song, love the musicians. Can't wait to hear more!


Trifecta Folkfest Afterparty - Philippine Pavillion - Aug 17 - 19
Trifecta Block Party - Undisclosed Venues - Aug 24 - 26