Nike Struck Gold

Nike has always been into retroing Jordan’s from past years and in the past they had been for sure sell outs. Of the past two years Jordan’s have started to sit and Nike has taken on a new form of retroing shoes under their wing. Nike recently released the Air Max 97 in a silver colorway called the silver bullets. These sold out almost everywhere with a high demand value. They answered the call of demand with another release of the Air Max 97 in a metallic gold colourway a few weeks later. Although these did sit on shelves they performed all the aspects of the shoe as well as they could. 

The Air Max 97 was designed by Christian Tesser of Nike and was made as a running shoe modeled after the bullet trains in Japan. The metallic gold Air Max 97’s featured a leather upper with polyester stitched in layers going up the body of the shoe. Both sides of the shoe have a scarlet red Nike swoosh embroidered onto a polyester patch. The shoe sits on top of a clean white midsole with a full length air bubble sole which you can practically see through. The outsole is black with good tread for all terrain walking and running. The back heal has a black pull tab with the word “Air Max” printed on them in the same metallic gold as the upper outlined with two red stripes. The tongue has two leather strap like lace holds going up on each side which creates a unique but sleek lacing system. Each layer of the upper contains a 3M strip as well as the leather straps on the tongue that shine vibrant when hit with the right lighting. Another black patch with the same scarlet red on the top of the tongue rounds out the shoe. 

All in all, Nike preformed this shoe very well with the hits of 3M and leather layering. I’m sure you will start to notice many Air Max 97’s making a comeback with Nike putting them back in production and keep your eyes peeled for an all-black as well as an all-white pair releasing this fall of 2017. Who knows the may sell out just like the silver bullets or sit on shelves like these metallic gold, but don’t be hesitant to jump on this train because air seems to be back in business.

-Carter J. Berge


Boost Owner