Mi Adidas Boost

Nike and Adidas have always been into letting you be the designer via Nike ID and MiAdidas. Nike has had limited renditions of Nike ID where they are very few options and quantity which always sell out quickly, and result in a heavy resell value most often. Adidas usually takes it easy with endless quantities but in December of 2016 Adidas brought something new to MiAdidas.

2016 was the year of the Ultra Boost (In my opinion). From nearly selling out every release to crazy collaborations, the Ultra Boost had it all. So we thought. Last November Adidas let popular Adidas reps create their own Adidas Ultra Boost’s from the pickings of four base colours. The colours included grey, black, white, and Lady Liberty teal. All of the colours came with hits of reflective 3M threaded through them which really made the shoe something we all desired to have. December came and we got that chance. Adidas opened a brand new flagship store in New York city which let people come and customize their very own Ultra Boost from these same options. Being limited to 700 pairs and only available via voucher code from the NYC location, this put Adidas MiAdidas close to the same level as Nikes Nike ID.

From customizing the prime knit upper all the way down to the sole, the possibilities seemed nearly endless for all us first time creators even with the limited options of colours. Adidas preformed these self-customized Ultra Boost’s to perfection. The amount of reflectiveness in the shoes just screams when you hit it with light, plus a nice touch of each shoe being individually numbered on the side torsion, and a cool little dust bag that comes along in the box. One more hidden detail on the shoe is the insoles have the coordinates of the NYC Flagship shop with a map like picture printed on them. You can really tell that Adidas wanted these first MiAdidas Ultra Boost to be very special and have all the details.

I was lucky enough to find someone with a voucher code for me which led me to customizing my very own pair which was pair 225. I went with a solid grey upper to keep it simple yet when the light hit it was shining bright. I chose the same grey cage to keep it subtle but white/cream reflective stripes on the cage for a tonal hit from afar. In my eyes these resemble the Cream 1.0 Ultra Boost with the cream like cage stripes on top a solid coloured upper. I refer to them as my MonoCream Ultra Boosts. Adidas followed up this release of custom MiAdidas Ultra Boost’s with a recent multicolor MiAdidas Ultra Boost which I will talk about in a future post, but for now please take time to scroll through the pictures of my very own designed Ultra Boost.

Carter J. Berge


Boost Owner