E03 REWIND OutKast's "Southernplaya-listicadillacmuzik"

They put Atlanta on the map, pushed hip-hop to new heights, and went on to have the highest selling rap album of all time in the US.

Genre: Hip-Hop

Genre: Hip-Hop


Atlanta has become a hub for the more recent trap artists like Lil Yachty, Future, and Migos but we can't forget the guys that put the city on the map in the hip-hop world. Before Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik rap was popularized as East Coast vs. West Coast but thanks to this amazing project from OutKast, southern rap made its first stride. From front to back this classic is a super funky ride.

Tales of pimpin' and gang-bangin' litter this album and add to the shine of the song "Claimin' True", a lengthy track about making it known that Andre and Big Boi aren't in the game of lying to their fans about their personal lives. One thing that OutKast has always been known for is there knack for unique flows and I swear that "Player's Ball" has some of the best flows of any rap song.  3stacks' first line "It's beginning to look a lot like, what? follow my every step" sets up an incredible verse for Andre and Big Boi nails his just the same. I can't help but love the song "Git Up, Git Out" for its catchy as hell hook and Cee-Lo Green's awesome performance as part of Goody Mob, another Atlanta based hip-hop group that helped excel the genre. "Crumblin' Erb" gets an honorable mention here for being smooth as fuck and for pushin' the message that "niggas killing niggas they don't understand" but they should be crumbling up that herb and working on peace between people with different values.

OutKast will forever go down as one of the greatest if not the greatest rap duo of all time. With a strong debut album and continual success in every project OutKast solidified their history in hip-hop and in Atlanta. Who knows how long it could have been before an artist from the south broke the scene if these guys didn't do it. Definitely a classic, definitely worth a listen and superflowyballinassmuzik to listen to.