As Nike seems to be plummeting everyone seems to be getting rid of their Nike shoe collection as quickly as possible. Dumping pairs below retail, willing to get any amount of cash to afford the next Yeezy. Jordan brand responded to this almost as perfect as they could have. 

Collaborations have seemed to be very evident in the sneaker culture. A Bathing Ape, Reigning Champ, Supreme, Kith, and Sneakersnstuff have all been involved in collaborations with Adidas and Nike. Nike may have out preformed all of those past collaborations with the well-known pop culture artist KAWS. 

Rumours and pictures of these shoes first leaked back in January 2017 and the sneaker community was not big on the upcoming shoes. Little did we all know they might be the most expensive sneaker of 2017. KAWS being the hyped up brand it is, while partnering with one of the most iconic Jordan’s of all time, might have pulled off the biggest upset for Nike in a while. From being extremely limited, to having incredible detail on the shoe, it was clear from the moment people started getting pairs they were worth more than what people thought they would be. Pricing skyrocketing on the first day of releasing to upwards amounts of 2400$ with a retail of just under 500$ which shocked people from earlier thoughts in January. 

Being a Jordan 4 we all had very high expectations, but the shoe itself was quite surprising in hand, the all premium grey suede upper, to a icey green glowing soul. KAWS trademarked “Paws” printed all over the shoe in a silver like colour. Rounding out the bottom of the shoe was a first time ever suede midsole, that ran with the movement of your fingers. The Bottom of the sole had the classic jumpman logo with “Paws” printed on it. Which also lit up bright neon green if in a dark room. The inside of the shoe had a leather liner with Jordan x KAWS Branding on the insole. The shoes in hand definitely did not disappoint while sitting in your hand. 

Another nice touch Jordan brand threw into the release was a Jordan X KAWS Dust bag and a heavy duty card that described the relationship between Jordan & KAWS. All including the glow in the dark “Paws” printed all over, including the box. When brands throw in extra items in the packaging, it always makes the shoe feel even more special. The fact that the company would take extra time to create these accessories to go along with the shoe itself is phenomenal.  

If you are hoping to catch these shoes for the low then you are in luck, with KAWS rumouring a second release after the super limited initial pair. Nothing is official but as of now all you can do is hope. 

Thanks for taking the time to read, and props to Jordan Brand for preforming this collaboration to the best of their abilities. 

  -Carter J. Berge 


Boost Owner