Saskatchewan native, electro-pop artist XANA, gives us a first listen at her new single "Poison". 

After seeing success from recent live shows and being nominated for the Toronto Independent Artist Award, XANA is on the rise and she has a new single to debut before her album release which is scheduled in 2018.

"Poison", which was produced and engineered in collaboration with Juno-nominated producer, Jared Robinson, touches on how relationships can be toxic and confusing, all the while, never being able to escape the addiction that desire between two people can create. 

“So many of us live our lives in the day-to-day, within our routines. We crave the high that comes from situations that evoke feelings of intense emotion. We all thirst to feel something. I found intensity through a toxic relationship. Although I was fully aware that this connection was in vain, I kept returning to it. I knowingly grew attached to the primal, visceral stimulation it brought me, and with it, my own self-destruction. Despite the increasingly intense lows that followed, I continued to chase the high.”

The electro-pop singer/songwriter is not afraid to bare all of her emotions when it comes to writing her very introspective tracks and "Poison" is a great example of that. We got to know about XANA through her work with Trifecta and we are excited for her rise through the prairies and beyond.

"Poison" will debut on  on April. 25. For now you can enjoy a limited stream of her new single below.