E03 REWIND The Jesus and Mary Chain's "Honey's Dead"

The first iteration in our E03 RWD series, "Honey's Dead" is a staple for any shoegaze fan, and a great listen for many.
                               Genre: Shoegaze, Noise Rock

                              Genre: Shoegaze, Noise Rock


The Jesus and Mary Chain have been a driving force in the shoegaze scene starting with what was also a classic album Psychocandy (more on the post-punk/no wave sound) in 1985 and moving even more into shoegaze as the band grew. Starting in the mid 80's, we could easily say that these guys were one of the many groups that put an end to the hair metal/glam rock of the same decade. Honey's Dead is a solid album through and through that I believe many can get behind and enjoy. For a grungier album it is very accessible thanks to Jim Reid's versatile vocals that keep the listener interested as each song has a new energy that he brings to the table. I promise you that you can groove along with the eccentric percussion tracks that contain a variety of elements and will just make you want to dance along.


Three songs on this album that I definitely think should be checked out are "Reverance", "Teenage Lust", and "Good For My Soul". "Reverance" snags you immediately with the opening lyrics being "I wanna die just like Jesus Christ, I wanna die on a bed of spikes" overtop a driving bass line and sporadic lead guitar causing a perfect chaos on this song. On "Teenage Lust" we get a more raw sounding drum track and a gritty guitar riff leading into a noisy solo that just makes you feel like a bad ass teen experiencing lust for the first time. With a slower start, "Good For My Soul" presents a nice peaceful contrast song to the earlier tracks on the album but then breaks out into an awesome musical performance over the chorus and on to the end of the song.


Twenty-five years has passed since Honey's Dead was released in '92 and The Jesus and Mary Chain have released a new project titled Damage and Joy that everyone should check out too. Throw this album on when going on a road trip, trust me, the tempo is perfect for rocking out on those long drives.