1. Feeling That
2. Crayons
3. Her

4. You Know Me
5. Zone


DGS Samurai Champs are a hip-hop/R&B duo getting work done in their saskatchewan cities of Regina and Saskatoon. Their style of music is very genre bending in each artists sound and flow as well as their dance inspired hip-hop production. The "Crayons EP" came out in October of 2016 and immediately turned heads onto this revampped sound that is ever present throughout the five track EP. Over the last little while we saw DGS get some well deserved attention from reputable music sources like Exclaim! and VICE's music channel Noisey. "Crayons EP" touches on women and their everyday journey to hide blemishes or excentuate their features behind make-up, but not in a make-up shaming way, more of a respect for the effort put in and the art that make-up itself can be.


Feeling That opens out this project strong with Merv xx Gotti reeling us in with some subtle but beautiful undertones along with his vibrant vocals. Right away we notice a very full track in terms of production and it gets me moving right away. Jeah's first verse on the album is so god damn wavy. I'm instantly blown away by this first track, it is easily my favourite on this project and we are just getting started. The title track Crayons adds some spice to the mix with the super futuristic hip-hop production. A classic feel good party song about girls getting ready and looking so pretty "with that crayon". The pre-chorus hooked me right away with Merv xx Gotti backing up Jeah's flowy verse, and the build up to the catchy as hell chorus is flawless. This song is so fun. Merv xx Gotti's verse is well done with the harmonies melding together with the excitable vocals. With some unique production on top of a stellar performance from both artists we get an all around great track. Check out the video to Crayons below.


Merv xx Gotti hooks us on the intro to Her right away before breaking into verses from both artists. You can hear a subtle dialogue going on in the back drop and I think that is such a cool addition to this dope track. Halfway through this EP I've notice that Jeah's flows are always different and have hints of inspiration from a variety of artists and it continues to surprise me. Merv xx Gotti makes an awesome case for R&B on this song, making this track the greatest fusion of both artists styles coming together in one great song. You Know Me sees Merv xx Gotti singing about seeing right through the disguise that a girl from his past is presenting to everyone she deals with. I didn't notice it at first but the harmony in the chorus after the first verse is impeccable! Jeah's technical verse about coming up from nothing in front of his peers gives this track an edge and gets me bumpin' everytime. Love the little undertones at the end of the track as well. Get ready to dance! Zone is the genre-bending dance rap track that closes off this album with people dancing for the rest of the night. As dance inspired as this track is Jeah is still able to keep up and murder this energetic song. If you aren't singing along to Merv xx Gotti in the chorus then there is something you aren't hearing. The chorus is the highlight on this track and I'm having a hard time typing this down as it is playing in my head. If you were to end a set with a song like this you would have a party, and who doesn't want a party?

Jeah (left) and Merv xx Gotti of DGS Samurai Champs

Jeah (left) and Merv xx Gotti of DGS Samurai Champs


Hip-hop and R&B have been crossing paths for many years but these Saskatchewan artists are pioneering a completely different sound that I'm sure many will get behind and enjoy. DGS brings us a perfect fusion of hip-hop and R&B with "Crayons EP". If you ever have a chance to hear these guys live don't miss out because I can assure you that you'll have a great time. You can check their upcoming shows list below as well as information for The Great Escape festival in Brighton, UK that DGS will be attending on Saturday, May 20. "Crayons EP" can be found on  iTunes and Spotify as well as many major music platforms. Check it out on SoundCloud below!


Site: http://www.samuraichamps.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DGSamuraiChamps?lang=en
IG: https://www.instagram.com/dgsamuraichamps/?hl=en
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DGSamuraiChamps/


Wednesday, March 29 - Flint (Trifecta x Lituations), Saskatoon, SK

Thursday, April 6 - Commonwealth (10at10 Hip-Hop Showcase), Calgary, AB

Friday, April 7 - Arcadia Bar, Edmonton, AB

Saturday April 15 - Smiling Buddha, Toronto, ON

Friday, April 21 - Revival (Canadian Music Week), Toronto, ON

Monday, May 15 - Birthdays (Hosted by VICE), London, UK

Saturday, May 20 - Shoosh (The Great Escape Festival), Brighton, UK

Sunday, May 21 - [Venue TBA] New Skool Rules Hip-Hop Festival, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Saturday - Sunday, May 27, 28 - [Venue TBA], Liverpool Sound City Festival, Liverpool, UK


The Great Escape Festival Information

Ticket link // bit.ly/TGE17TIX

Facebook // www.facebook.com/greatescapefestival / @greatescapefestival

Twitter // www.twitter.com/thegreatescape / @thegreatescape

Instagram // www.instagram.com/greatescapefest / @greatescapefest

Hashtag // #TGE17