Pissed Jeans "Why Love Now" Album Review

                                                                                                                                            Genre: Punk, Post-Hardcore, Noise

                                                                                                                                            Genre: Punk, Post-Hardcore, Noise

1. Waiting On My Horrible Warning          7. (Won't Tell You) My Sign  
2. The Bar Is Low                          8. It's Your Knees
3. Ignorecam                               9. Worldwide Marine Asset Financial Analyst
4. Cold Whip Cream                        10. Have You Ever Been Furniture
5. Love Without Emotion                   11. Activia
6. I'm A Man                              12. Not Even Married


Pissed Jeans have been a force in the unsure punk genre for the last 10 years. It isn't often that you hear a new punk album that stays true to its roots and brings about the same amount of raw energy and attitude that the pioneers of punk created. "Why Love Now" is a hard-hitting, bone-splitting, wake up call to scumbag dudes (and people in general). There are moments on this album that can make most people think and possibly relate to in a strange way.

In with the wild screams and out with your idea of easing into this album with the first track Waiting On My Horrible Warning forcing itself into your ears. An ode to those aging, Matt Korvette sings about being young, kicking life's butt, and spending nothing but time only to realize that now he is waiting for the first signs of life coming to an end. Anguishing vocals plastered over the drudging bass line discuss being in pain when tying your shoes and expecting a "lump that gets bigger every day". Overall a great intro track setting the pissed off vibe up nice. The Bar Is Low is a definite crowd pleaser with the simple but catchy guitar riff and distorted bass. A song about how easy it is to not look like an asshat today when we get media coverage showing us men in powerful positions making fools of themselves left and right. Just be a decent human and you have already cleared the bar by a large margin. Ignorecam is a hilarious outlook on guys watching cam shows of women doing normal stuff like eating, or vacuuming, or watching tv and fetishizing it only to be ignored by the women on the other end. These cam shows have become huge successes throughout the globe bringing in millions of men and money. Only to be ignored. Can't stress that enough, how bored could you be? I see the otherside of it as being super lonely and just wanting some sort of company but it really only goes one way. A very heavy track that I enjoy quite a bit. Now things get a bit strange. Men have insecurities, (albeit well hid by most cause fuck feelings, right?), but this one is a doozy. Cold Whip Cream paints a picture of a guy being curious about pegging (urban dictionary, please) ever since he was a teen. Now he has the opportunity to try this with his girlfriend/wife but he is scared and is worried that she will "leave a dent". Matt tells him to speak up and don't deprive yourself of experiencing "what it's like on the other end". A super fun track about going after your desires and not be a wimp about it. 


Love Without Emotion is one of the weaker tracks on this album lyrically as it really only has one major line that brings attention to the theme of the song. The line "I finished the awful food you brought me just to be polite, but I forgot it was your birthday though you reminded me last night" gives us the image of a relationship where one of the partners isn't fully invested in the other by not remembering important dates and not even respecting the effort that the partner went into to make you a meal. Great guitar solo on that track though. Now for the controversial mysoginistic-satire track written and performed by Lindsay Hunter (author of "Valley Girls" and "Don't Kiss Me") about a conversation held between a male superior and female co-worker in an office setting. As playful as I'm A Man is, shit like this still happens and a lot of people look the other way. This track is filled with many ridiculous innuendos and is backed with a solid drum track that compliments the dialogue quite nice. I will admit it is a comedic song that I find has its funny moments but only in how fucking cringy it can be. (Won't Tell You) My Sign is alright. Basically it is about first dates and asking someone their sign as if you can pin down what kind of person they are by it. I find the zodiac signs to be stereotypical and pretty vague at times. PJ feels the same and want to express that you don't know anything about me just by knowing my sign becasue everyone goes through their own experiences in life to get where they are. We had a song earlier on about male insecurities but It's Your Knees puts a spotlight on the insecurities about their looks that women tend to have. Matt sings about giving the honest truth about a girl he is seeing and makes the claim that it's the girls knees that he doesn't like. He does this only to show you how ridiculous insecurities about appearance can be by picking out a body part that is usually pretty straight forward. This song is very pleasing to the ears and I think it is my favourite of this whole album with the cool guitar riff in the chorus and how hard it hits. 


Worldwide Marine Asset la di da blah yeah is the weak link on this album. Very well could be a moshpit song to get people hyped at live shows because of how fast paced it is but the meaning is whack. They took a boring job and tried to make it sound cool but i think it fails at that. Would have been better with a little Interlude tag after it. Back on track with Have You Ever Been Furniture Korvette sings about being used in a relationship, being nothing more than someone's chair they sit on while they eat, or being someone's ATM supplying them with cash and having them disappear until they need more money. It sounds as if he is singing directly at someone who is maybe complaining about their relationship but they don't feel what he feels when it comes to being used. Activia is about, as you probably guessed, activia yogurt. Activia yogurt is a probiotic full yogurt that can help get your bowel movements on track and Matt doesn't only compare himself to someone's yogurt, he straight up says he is that persons Activia rooting them on with and giving them the boost they need. Maybe through sex, maybe through positive reinforcement. The harmonies at the end of that track are super good, these guys don't dabble in harmonies all that often. The last song on "Why Love Now" talks about a guy being devastated over a break up, using his pain for art, claiming he can't sleep at night. Matt sees through him though. He is taken aback when he finds out that they had only been dating for a year, weren't married, kept their money seperate, rented an apartment, and has only met her parents twice. Basically tells him to get over it, it was a clean break and the last line "but i saw a picture of you partying, so get out of my face" closes up the album perfectly.


"Why Love Now" is a moshpit, head-banging, bad attitude freindly album that gives me a lot to think about when it comes to being male and my role in this world. The ideas throughout really emphasize a point that we all need to be better when it comes to our relationships and stop beating around the bush. From feminist monologues to ear-ripping screams "Why Love Now" has it all and I really enjoyed this album. Definitely going to have this on repeat when I'm out skating this summer.

7/10 Great


Julian Rioux