"Wonderlust" - MyCompiledThoughts ALBUM REVIEW

Boston native MyCompiledThoughts shows his vulnerability on this emotional project that aims to propel you into his mind.




MyCompiledThoughts is an artist that ELEVEN03 has took notice of for a while now and we cherish the growing relationship with the talented artist. This latest project titled WonderLust has elements of what it is like to experience love and lust in similar forms. The constant battle that most of us face with what is true love and what is true for the moment comes to light throughout MCT's album. MCT's vocal style is meant to draw you in until you are lost deep in the highlights of this album. Tracks like "Space Fall" and "Yours PT.2" are extremely easy to completely immersive yourself into. 


WonderLust opens wide and swallows you whole as soon as the first note hits in the opening track. A soft yet emotional intro that sets the premise for the entire project beautifully thanks to MCT's ability to wear his heart on his sleeve but also distance himself from pain by following this new found "WonderLust". MCT, (producer, engineer, track masterer, you name it) shows off an artsy interlude that invites the listener to join him on this "Adventure" through the rest of the album. The sample from the congreve cube scene in Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium was very creative on MCT's part, making the interaction seem a little more drug induced and unpredictable. "Treasure" shows that MCT is comfortable with his sound and knows how to produce tracks that fit him perfectly, the piano and the vocals work well together and I especially love the line "Jewels like kings they are dead". Just listen to that one and you'll feel that same emotion that Thoughts is trying to emphasize there. "Yours Pt. 1" and Pt. 2 are exceptional tracks and present a moment in the album where energy meets emotion. It seems as if the protagonist comes to a moment of assurance and brings in the idea of completely devoting oneself to someone even if it might be dangerous to your health. But love still finds a way.


Now, if you throw a Mac DeMarco sample in any song, I'm immediately hooked. "Before" is sure to get you grooving and once that tempo change hits you won't be able to help it. The song develops a moment of sheer enjoyment in the project in contrast to the rest of the project. Fun seems to be the main goal with this one and maybe thats all that a lust-full relationship can bring you. Production on "Space Fall" is well done, stylistically on point and like I stated earlier has a tendency to pull you in and get lost in the track itself. Another Boston area local WhyTri gets a feature on the next track, a 16-bar verse that shows the vulnerable side to someone that was hoping for more in a relationship but to no avail. The final track on this album adds on to the constant theme of just getting lost and finding love (or lust) in any way imaginable. This time, on "SpaceShip", it sounds like MCT is taking someone along on the journey this time. Showing that this isn't the end, there is always more.


We at ELEVEN03 all really enjoy this album and are always stoked on what MyCompiledThoughts has cooking up in the back of his mind. His level of artistry is undeliable, and the fact that he created this project from the ground up fully displays his ability to dive into his creative mind and produce something to be remembered. WonderLust is a magical embarkment through the haze of love and lust that might leave you deserted or help you discover something about yourself. Check out the full project below.