Two new Christmas songs from our good friends at Trifecta featured on the Line of Best Fit! Now these are Christmas jams I can jive with.


Now what is Christmas without spreading some Christmas cheer? Well to get you guys ready for the break these wonderful artists from Trifecta wrap up two awesome songs and stuff them in your stockings. The first being "Silent Night" a VBRTR produced and performed with XANA on the main vocals. "Cold Outside" was also produced by the VBRTR (a couple of hustlers if you ask me) and performed by Revilla and LOA. Both songs are special in their own way and I really think all you readers should be blasting this during family supper. There is no way that they won't dance along.




"Silent Night" is spicy! A sultry track in the vein of VBRTR's and LOA's "Tie You Up" that was released earlier this year. Saskatchewan's new queen of contemporary electro-pop Xana delivers a stunning performance in this song. Lyrically this track leaves you with many visuals that are sure to keep you coming back for more. The production is groovy as hell, without surprise thanks to the talented guys of VBRTR. Lee's undertones drape across the background of the track adding the perfect amount of flavour.




"Cold Outside" calls out to all of our natural desires to be loved and held in the winter but winter comes and goes and spring brings new life and new love. LOA's chilling vocals beckon you into the warmth by the fireside and of course you oblige. Revilla's strong verse over the wintery and moody production bring fire and desire to the scene and compliments LOA's verse quite well. These two together have a really fanatastic sound going and I'd love to hear more from them.


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