It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Kithmas


Winter is here and the snow has hit. Well technically winter is still over a month away but we all know the snow is here to stay. For us sneakerheads were cleaning our kicks and putting them away till the ground dries up and we can break necks once again. What a long wait that will be.

    Last year Adidas collaborated with the Ronnie Fieg’s brand KITH to create the Aspen collection. This collection had items from snowboards, mitts, toques, to jackets, hoodies and shoes. Taking the sneaker universe by surprise KITH released a mid-cut Adidas Ultraboost for the first time ever in a cozy knitted multicolor. They also released an Adidas Response Trail Runner which seemed to put this silhouette on the map. 


Starting with the Response Trail Runner this shoe outperformed my expectations by a long shot. I was lucky enough to catch a restock on this shoe a couple weeks after its original release last January. The shoe is fully made out of waterproof Gore-Tex with a suede cut wrapping all around the shoe. A mesh covers the upper toe box and three elastic straps give a lacing system that holds your foot in place. A bulky tread sole with added boost in the ball and sole of your foot gives you comfort for all sorts of terrain. The shoe is a full navy blue rounded out with accents of white stripes and salmon colored pull tabs. The signature RF for Ronnie Fieg is on one of the tongues with a classic hole punch that represents Adidas consortium releases. These shoes definitely are a must have for the winter as they are very sneaker like and practical for winter. Keeping your feet warm and dry but also having traction on all icy surfaces. These will not disappoint.


Now onto one of the hottest shoes of 2016 which definitely ended the year off with a bang. First of all, Adidas killed the whole year with Ultra boost after Ultra boost, but then took everyone by surprise by releasing a mid-cut. A fully prime knit multi-color that reminds you of grandmas Christmas knitting with a sock like collar that hugs your ankle tight. A sleek see through Waterproof guard that wraps around the lower part of the upper. Rounding out the shoe the necessary full length boost sole for amazing comfort. Accents of white hole punched tags on the tongue of the shoe with again an Adidas sign and a RF for Ronnie Fieg. A white heal cup with whited out Ultra Boost branding to hide in the snow. A white back pull tab helps you slip this sneaker on because it truly is a tough one with that sock collar. Perfectly matching laces is the default but also comes with a few more options to spice things up. Again this shoe is perfect for winter because of the thicker prime knit to keep your foot cozy and warm. The sock collar keeps the cool air out and the waterproof guard keeps your foot dry. I would not recommend these sneakers for deep snow and the continental sole can be slippery at times but if there is just a light snow, these for sure will do the trick.


   This collection of sneakers is honestly the perfect duo for snowy winters and will keep your feet on fire for the next months ahead. Clearly both of these sneakers will be hot commodities for the next while as they are much needed for all sneakerheads, which does not make them a very affordable sneaker. Keep watch for future Adidas Mid Ultra Boosts that release and you can always find a pair of Response Trail Runners for an affordable price.