Last week VBND came through for a chat on our podcast and here are some of the discussions we had.


How have you been man?
It's been crazy man, not crazy crazy, but like crazy, pretty close to psycho. I let myself go (with the creation of infinitely), waited a couple months, released the album, still feeling and looking the same.

You see a lot of artists release a project and it looks like a weight is lifted off of their shoulders but with you it was more of a repercussion. Like, the release happened and you were like "ah fuck, I still feel like I have more to do".
Yeah, I guess that's exactly how it was. After releasing the album I still couldn't get out of the cycle.

So you had said that your mental health had kind of dived, what kind of state would you say that you were in?
Manic, not like manic depressive but like manic hysteria. My instagram stories were getting weirder and weirder and I Just went with it. I think it came from the isolation of the project.

What would a typical night look like for you?
Wake up like, afternoon, maybe get food, sometimes not eat until like 9 pm. Look up Soundcloud and YouTube artists to get a mood for the day and then just try and create for the rest of the time. Dedicate a good hour to come up with something and then either ditch it and shut off for the night or try something else.

Growing up in Saskatchewan would you say your sound changes with the seasons?
Oh yeah. I wouldn't say that I suffer from seasonal depression because it's different from being sad or moody.

More of an energy level thing?
Yeah, yeah I also noticed that I get pretty crazy around the full moon.

So I know in fashion and in music there are "fillers" like, I usually like to have 12 - 15 pieces for the runway show but I know some people when they fall short the might just release a different colourway which doesn't hurt the integrity of the piece but is kind of like a cop out. Do you find that you have these?
Yeah on my previous projects, more specifically Colours Compilations, I think it's like the last song. "Sometime, maybe never". but I came up short on album length and I just needed to push it a bit so I did that and now it's probably my most hated song on my Spotify.

If you were to pick a 9-5, what would your ideal job be?
Man, I wanna be a cobbler. I wanna make shoes. Or a butcher or something weird like that. I've always purposely worked shitty jobs for inspiration.

What's the shittiest job you've had?
I was literally a toilet cleaner. I was a janitor. So that was like a really shitty job.

So what's next? After the possible EP early next year, moving towards a more future funk style and stuff, what are your plans later on?
I wanna make a neo-soul album. Kinda like D'angelo, with like live instruments and do it myself. Like, I almost bought a sax the other day just to start learning.


Listen to the rest of the conversation below!