vbnd is super talented. Just listen to the project, you will not be disappointed. The sad dad of electro-rnb will sooth your scattered soul.



6. saudade
7. night falls down
8. feel so down for
9. sorry

1. i hope i see you again
2. ain't callin' me baby
3. i don't want to fake this
4. we go on infinitely (interlude)
5. best for you w/ sophie meiers & tola


Electronic music sees its struggles when it comes to albums across many artists save a few of the greats. Many feel that a good electronic song belongs on a dance or ambient playlist. What some don't realise is that many electronic artists are just as capable of producing a concept album that has solid cohesiveness throughout. Vbnd's We Go On Infinitely is a strong example of an electronic album done right, chocked full of high points and low points, mixed feelings, energy, relaxation and utter talent, Infinitely is extravagant.


The opening track "i hope i see you again" sets the appropriate mood for the whole album by creating a pleasant moment as if someone entered your life that made it just that much better. However, that feeling might be a little strong because hoping that you see that person again doesn't make it a guarantee, adding a touch of caution to your over-confident feelings. And so begins vbnd's ability at mixing emotions to create a cohesive idea. Infinitely gets more cheerful as we head into "ain't callin' me baby", a Destiny's Child sampled dance track that adds the perfect flare of saxaphone to get you moving. This song melts into the clever intro for "i don't want to fake this". The intro starts off with "randomly" placed layers that encompass the song, although sounding off-beat and awkward to start, eventually falling into place to create another on theme piece. If you are looking for a song that portrays the futuristic RnB sound, then this is it with the high pitched, cartoonish vocals that add an element of the future where computers might be our pop-stars one day. The interlude is my favourite track. I don't think it displays anymore talent than the other songs on this album but it just vibes with me sonically more than the rest. The build up has you expecting so much more in terms of energy level but it teases you beautifully before leaving you with a funky beat that plays with your ears. "Best for you" is the number that will hit the most notes with listeners. The immaculate vocalists Sophie Meiers and Tola deliver an outstanding duet performance on top of a song made to dance to. The song speaks to those that understand the concept of unconditional love for someone. Where you might not agree with your others choices at all times but you do your best to "see it through" because you know it is what they think is the best for them.


More ear candy on the way with the layered "Saudade". Another fun and energetic tune to bob your head to. When the beat hits half speed we experience a more cool, calm, and collected style of the song that adds a smooth bit of contrast from the beginning to the end. "Night falls down" is a more dramatic track from the light harp notes to the heavy synths in the chorus and altered vocals. We kind of see a mood switch at this point, the happy-go-lucky element has all but vanished. We get a touch of hope back with "feel so down for" with the cheery chorus but the piano develops a sombre approach to the established mood of the early album. This attests to vbnd's skill at making a project that entertains your emotions from start to finish. "Sorry" closes out the album as what it is. An apology. The dissonant keyboard set to a backdrop of the outdoors expresses a feeling of longing, showing that maybe a large portion of the album expressed emotions that were a little to carefree if relating this to a relationship. As if the story is about someone who got comfortable with another only to lose them because of carelessness. Sonically I get that vibe too. The initial upbeat energy of meeting someone new, leading to repetition of that joyous feeling during the middle of a relationship and unconditional love before it all falls apart. 


Whether love is your thing or it isn't, Infinitely will make you see things in love and companionship that you might miss during the day to day of a contemporary relationship. Sometimes love is more of a dance, two together, taking the steps as one, making magic with their movements. What I do know is that you'll love to dance to this marvelous album from vbnd.


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