Bandcamp Crate Dig | Month Of September

September was all over the map with a variety of styles of music to choose from, however these three stuck out to me.

NKC -  Tincture (Hard Drum/Industrial House)

NKC - Tincture (Hard Drum/Industrial House)


UK's NKC specializes in his self-coined "Hard Drum" genre with exactly what it sounds like. Heavy, and I mean heavy kick bass. His music borders on what having a tantrum might feel like and intense raw insanity. Some of it might be hard to swallow, but that is where I see the beauty in it. Intricately placed, out of beat hits here and there add levels to each track. At times I feel like I might be hearing a different version of the song as if there is one playing in the negative space. NKC has tapped into a very unique sound here, and I'm digging it. Listen for yourself.

YUNG BAE -  Japanese Disco Edits 3 (Disco)

YUNG BAE - Japanese Disco Edits 3 (Disco)


Disco is back and better than ever. None of that EDM, Traphouse, Dubstep shit but attractive funky ass disco music. Thanks to the recently successful, Mura Masa collaborater, and rumored Ty Dollar $ign beat-maker, Yung Bae. This producer is famous for sampling classic Japanese disco tracks and modernizing them into full and colourful tapes to be enjoyed by the masses. This project is so great that all I want to listen to recently is disco just like this. As we see a resurgence of jazz and funk in hip-hop today it was only a matter of time until we were given a glimpse of what true disco can be with modern technology. Favourite track has to be the opener "Day By Day". Check it out here.

ELEKTRIC -  Guilty Of Procrastination (r&b/soul, hip-hop)

ELEKTRIC - Guilty Of Procrastination (r&b/soul, hip-hop)


Another UK artist made her way into my ears through wonderful melodies and creative flows. Elektric is entering the proving grounds of her career and I believe that this project has a lot to say. In a world where many might say hip-hop is lost, Elektric would snatch those doubters up with this fresh as fuck album and give them a good shake before sending them on their way with some more knowledge in their thick skulls. Littered with talented features Guilty Of Procrastination aims to challenge everyone's self image, through stories of her own transition from childhood to adulthood. If you are looking for a banger check out "I'm The Shit", greasy bass line on that one. Here's the link, tell me what you think.