BROC $TEEZY and our own videographer RYAN OMAN link up to create an aggressive video with a message.


Saskatchewan local artist Broc $teezy has been a driving force lately when it comes to the hip-hop scene. Being from a small city in the prairies he undergoes many of the trials we as prarie folk tend to run into as well. The constant reminder that everyone puts down what is different or against the grain adds a level of drive in many prairie entrepreneurs. We see that drive in Broc. Through this music video both Ryan (RUSTGOD Productions) and Broc aiming to get that message across that no matter how much we don't fit in we will continue to get up from the dirt and put some of that same prairie dust back in your face. Peep the video below as well as director commentary from Ryan himself.  



In this edit I am trying to set three different settings up, only two of which may be readily obvious to the audience upon first viewing. The first setting is the dilapidated farm house exterior, which I used to represent the isolation that can be felt growing up on the prairies and never fitting in or feeling comfortable, unless perhaps you’re alone. The second setting of the music video is the barn house interior and that is where our protagonist feels comfortable expressing himself enough to shed articles of clothing. This includes eventually taking off his mask. For the third setting, I used the tv to make the viewer question how much of what they were seeing was real. The clothing and the tv break up the chronological order of the edit making it hard to gauge the time aspect of the setting.

The tv really makes you question how much of anything you are seeing happened. I believe it accomplishes this through the assumption that we all know the television represents a place of entertainment but is not necessarily a place of truth. So because of the initial scene with the tv, where you are pulled away from the screen to reveal our protagonist and in the initial scenes of the protagonist outside the farmhouse where the screen glitches throughout his song he is constantly being distorted, like an apparition. So maybe the tv was a portal between the dimension that the farmhouse was in and where the apparition was from. Smashing the tv would then represent never going back. 

Idea development for this project happened organically. I had the location first before I had the project. In other words, I knew I wanted to shoot there before I had this project lined up. When I was asked to shoot a music video for Broc $teezy, an artist based out of Moose Jaw, SK, I immediately thought of the abandoned farmhouse. I drew inspiration for some of the overall concepts/shots from movies like Evil Dead, pop culture versions of Poltergeist and music videos from contemporary artist Bones and director Cole Bennet.


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