Vile Maxim releases new EP, Overgrowth.

Album cover done by David Bock, @snookerbot

Album cover done by David Bock, @snookerbot

Our longtime friend Will Kooistra has just released an EP titled, Overgrowth, for his new project Vile Maxim. Will has always excelled at production and this EP doesn't disappoint, with synth soundscapes, heavy drums, and outstanding production, Overgrowth is an excellent first EP. 

Our relationship with Will goes way back to playing in hardcore and punk rock bands in high school to more recently having him mix and record for some of our own music projects.

We are always incredibly stoked when are friends embark on creative projects and hearing projects like this remind us how lucky we are to constantly surround ourselves with creative individuals. 

Please take the time to listen to Overgrowth. below.